1. As the Wallace Genetic Foundation is undergoing a transition, no Letters of Inquiry or unsolicited proposals, including those from organizations that have been previously funded, will be accepted.
  2. WGF Cover Page (Required Forms)
  3. One or two page summary of the proposal for which support is requested
  4. Project and organizational line item budget(s)
  5. Total amount of funding needed for the project
  6. Amount requested from the Wallace Genetic Foundation
  7. Anticipated duration of project
  8. Listing of other sources of corporate and foundation grant support, detailing amounts secured and requested for the project and for the organization (Required Forms)
  9. Recent audited financial statement (if no financial statements are available, please provide a copy of your most recent Form 990)
  10. IRS letter certifying tax-exempt status
  11. List of Board of Directors and officers