1. No grants to individuals
  2. No scholarships
  3. No endowments
  4. No multi-year commitments
  5. All letters of inquiry and proposals should be submitted in hard copy.  Faxed or e-mailed letters of inquiry or proposals will not be accepted.

The Wallace Genetic Foundation does accept Letters of Inquiries from
qualified organizations. However, as we are able to fund only a
limited number of new organizations, we regret that we rarely offer grants
to organizations that send in unsolicited proposals.

All applicants should limit the Letter of Inquiry to one or two pages,
describing the organization and the project for which the grant money is
being requested.
The Letter of Inquiry should be submitted in hard copy;
faxed or email LOI's will not be accepted.

Grants commonly fall in the $25,000 to $50,000 range.